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Car Draw Winner for April!

Thomas Lynch from Abbeydorney, Co. Kerry. Congratulations Thomas!

We wish you many years of safe and enjoyable driving in your new Nissan Pulsar.
But the celebrations are not over yet as we also have 10 winners of €1,000 each! Congratulations to everyone below!

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Online Banking made easy Online Banking made easy

Getting used to something new fangled like online banking can be pretty daunting. But not with our handy guide.

Here’s how easy it is to get up and running.

I already have a 4 Digit Pin

What now? 

Well, now you need to go to, and click on this button 

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Our New Foreign Exchange Service

Money for your holidays, without the hassle

Imagine you could order your foreign holiday money from anywhere, and have it delivered straight to your door? Well you can with our fantastic new Home Delivery Foreign Exchange Service. It does exactly what is says on the tin. And it’s available from May 2016 at It’s quick, easy and all thanks to our new partnership with FEXCO. Be sure to try it. 

Here’s why you’ll love it:

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Oh, the things you’d do with the house if only you had the money.

Well, now you can with our home improvement loan.

Stop putting off that extension, or doing up the kitchen, or replacing that floor - because with our Home Improvement Loan you can make them all a reality. You can start dreaming again. Here’s a few tips to get you in the mood.

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Crikey, there’s been some nip in the air this winter.

But at least come next winter you can be as snug as a bug thanks to our Green Loan ...

Our Green Loan offer means you get a special lower interest rate if you’re doing any work on your home that improves its energy efficiency. And just think of those lower energy bills. Here’s the kind of things you could do:

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PCP (personal contract plan) - a member’s view

Here we go again, banging on about the pitfalls involved with a PCP (Personal Contract Plan). But we wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t important. This time a member shares his thoughts on why the devil really is in the detail.

‘First off, you really do need to know what you’re getting into. Yes, there can be lots of positives to a PCP (Boy, those low rates do sound appealing), but there are also negatives to be aware of before you get a new car with a PCP. Here’s a few of them:

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