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New Online Banking

How do I get a PIN/Register for Online Banking

1. Do you already have a 4 digit PIN? If so please Click here to create a new 6 digit PIN for access to the new Online Banking site. You’ll need your St Patrick’s CU member number to login (original Pearse and Laurence O’Toole members, this is the new membership number starting ‘41’ issued following the Transfer of Engagement last May; Retired ESB staff over 60yrs of age, please remember to input 900 before your ESB 5 digit staff number e.g. 90012345)

Please Note:  the new 6 digit PIN is your new code for access to Online Banking.  Please ensure when choosing your new 6 digit PIN that it is a number you will remember. 

Once your PIN is chosen by yourself via the online process, or issued by us by post following receipt of a phone call or email, you cannot change it yourself online.  It can only be changed by using the ‘I don’t remember my pin’ button or by calling the CU when a new one will be issued, again by Post, so you must allow the time for receipt.

2. If you have NEVER registered for a PIN please Click here to register or call us on 1800 94 00 77

3. If/when you have your new 6 Digit PIN, you’re good to go! Click here for access to the login page, from where you will have access to view your accounts. You’ll need your St Patrick’s CU member number to login (please see note 1 above).

If you wish to conduct transactions using our Online Banking Service, you will need to arrange to place funds in the new Online Access Account. Please contact a member of staff on 1800 94 00 77 who will talk you through the various options available to you.

When I click ‘update pin’ to create a new 6 digit pin nothing happens.

The session timeout message occurs where your web browser has third party cookies disabled, which Online Banking requires enabling in order to function.

To resolve this you must visit the following help page and go to the first section entitled 'Timeout message when logging in'. This page explains the issue and how to resolve it.  If you are unable to resolve the issue following the steps provided, please try using a different browser.

Is there a charge for the Online Banking Facility?

St. Patrick's Credit Union do not charge members for using the online banking service at this point in time. Members would be advised to check with payees to see if they charge for receiving funds/bill payments etc

What is an Online Access Account

We have recently introduced an Online Access Account for all members who wish to make payments/transfers using our new Online Banking Service.

Members will be able to make direct transfers into all of their accounts held with the Credit Union with the exception of the Budget Account e.g. Share Account, Loan Account, Christmas Club. Online transfers/payments may only be made from the Online Access Account (providing funds are available).

How do I pay funds into my Online Access Account

The following are the options for your consideration.  When you have decided which option suits you best or if you wish to discuss them in further detail, please Telephone our member services team on 1800 94 00 77 who will be happy to assist you.

1. Transfer from your existing share account. Normal Terms and Conditions apply. 

2. Deduction at Source from Salary (This is only available to members who’s employer can facilitate DAS).  Options as follows:-

a) Increase your existing DAS to put additional funds into your Online Access Account leaving all existing distributions as they are;
b) Amend your existing DAS to put your current allocation for your Share Account, into your Online Access Account; or
c) Amend your existing DAS to put a portion of your current allocation for your Share Account into your Online Access Account, leaving the remainder going to your Shares

3. By Direct Debit from your Bank Account

4. By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your Bank Account (you will be given an IBAN and BIC for your account when you call)

My Session keeps being timed out

The session timeout message occurs where your web browser has third party cookies disabled, which Online Banking requires enabling in order to function.

To resolve this you must visit this help page and go to the first section entitled 'Timeout message when logging in'. This page explains the issue and how to resolve it. If you are unable to resolve the issue following the steps provided, please try using a different browser.

What Browser can I use for Banking Online?

See our Online Account Service terms of use to check all Hardware and Software Requirements

Which mobile providers is Online Banking compatible with?

All Irish and UK mobile numbers will be recognised by the system.

Why do I have to verify my mobile number?

For additional security this website uses SMS Verification Code. We require you to confirm that your account is currently under your control by verifying your mobile number.

How do I verify my mobile number?

Once you click on “Online Banking”, a box at the top will appear stating that your mobile number has not been activated.

If your mobile number ends in the 4 digits that are displayed on screen, please click on “Send Verification Code”

Please keep your mobile phone to hand, as you will receive a text from us with a 4 digit code. Enter this code and your mobile number will be verified.

If the mobile number is incorrect, please contact us on 1800 94 00 77.

If the mobile number is correct, yet you still can’t verify it, please contact us on 1800 94 00 77

How do I Add Payees?

If you have already set up EFT payments with St. Patrick's Credit union to your bank account, these are the details that are saved to Online Banking.

To add a new payee, click on Manage Payees and then “Add New External Account”

Enter the details as requested. Please ensure that all details are input correctly as St Patrick’s Credit Union cannot be held responsible for payments made to incorrect accounts. 

Please Note: You cannot add a new payee using the APP on your mobile phone.  This is for security reasons and to protect you in the event that your mobile is lost / stolen.

When will I see the funds in my Bank Account?

If the transaction is processed before 12pm that day, it will be in your account by close of business the following day.

All transactions processed after 12pm will take 2 working* days to reach your account.

*Please note no transactions will be processed by the bank on a Saturday or Sunday

Can St. Patrick’s Credit Union Online Banking be used for joint accounts?

Yes, but only where it has been set up that either party can give instructions on the account.  If this is the case, one PIN will be issued for the account that can be used by either party.

If the joint account requires 2 signatures (as per mandate signed when opening the joint account), then the Online Banking facility cannot be used.

General FAQ

How can I become a member of St. Patrick’s Credit Union?

To apply for membership, please complete a Membership Application Form and forward to the Credit Union office with the following documents, which are required under Section 32 (3) of the Criminal Justice Act 2013:

  • *Certified copy of your current Passport or Drivers Licence
  • *Certified Copy of your Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement or a letter issued by Revenue. These documents should be no more than 3 moths old.
  • Completed A&I Form to register for electronic transfer payments

*Certified means signed and stamped by a St. Patrick's Credit Union Agent or staff member, member of an Garda Síochána, Solicitor, local Bank Manager or your GP.

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Can I use the website to apply for a loan?

Yes!... Once you are a member of the Credit Union and you have Registered for a PIN you’ll be able to access the Online Banking Area. Within the Online Banking Area there is an Online Loan Application Form, which once you have completed will initiate the Loan Application Procedure. Please note that in certain circumstances additional documentation may be required to support your application - see the Loans section of the website for more details.

Register Online

Do I have to have a certain amount in my shares before I can get a loan?

Loan applications are considered on your ability to repay regardless of your share balance or any existing loans you may have.

How will I know my loan is approved?

We will contact you by phone or in writing. If we require further information we will contact you in writing

Can I download the Credit Union Forms from the website?

Yes!.. There are a variety of forms available to you in the Members Area. Once you log in you should click on the Application link to access them.If you are not a member, there are also a variety of forms on the public side of the website. On the homepage click on Download Forms and you will see a list of all forms and documents. Simply click on the links to access forms.

Can I get my share balance online?

Yes if you have registered for a PIN – if you don’t already have a PIN you can register for one now it only takes a minute.

Register for Online Banking

How can I withdraw money from my shares?

Simply complete a share withdrawal form or post or fax the withdrawal request in writing to us - our fax number is 01 632 5133 and our address is 27-28 Herbert Place Dublin 2.

Cheques can be made payable to whomever you wish – just specify in the request who it is to be made payable to.


Shares can now be transferred directly to your bank account. Simply complete the Authority & Indemnity Form and return to us. Once we have your details on file all subsequent withdrawals can be paid directly to your bank account. Withdrawals can be made on the Share Withdrawal Form or by email. Please note we can only accept email instructions from the email address you provide on the A&I form.