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Our Journey So far

At St Patrick’s Credit Union we’re on a journey. Our final destination? Banking without banks. By the year 2020 we want you to be able to enjoy all the services you associate with banks but with the service and care that is  unique to our Credit Union. 

There is much to do along our journey in terms of IT, regulation and marketing to make our goal a reality. Indeed, lots has already happened. The mergers with Pearse, St Laurence O’Toole, Ringsend & District, The Irish Times and IndoGroup Credit Unions were a starting point, providing us with the scale to invest in this vision of banking without banks, for all of our members. Our new name is another step in our journey.  After an independent review and much internal consideration, it was found that for our Credit Union to achieve our members’ ambitions and to have the best chance of success, a name change was required. Savvi Credit Union reflects who we are - an astute organisation dedicated to the management of our members’ money and it can provide our Credit Union with a brand that both young and old members can be extremely proud to be a part of.

The name ‘Savvi’ signifies our key difference and ethos of people helping people. There are also many more important milestones yet to come; The grand opening of our flagship branch in Sir John Rogerson’s Quay later this year, as well as the launch of our new website which promises many new innovative features which will allow you to bank anytime, anywhere. We look forward to bringing you many more exciting updates as we progress throughout the year.

Make sure to keep an eye on our current website and social media for all the latest news! 

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